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Trolleybus model 32100D with increased autonomous range of at least 20 km. The batteries are charged when the trolleybus is moving under the contact network for 50 minutes. Dimensions: 12500, 2550, 3500 mm. The total passenger capacity is 83 people. The number of seats is 30. The pantographs are equipped with an automatic rod-catching system and an automatic installation system on the contact network.

The trolleybus is unique – it was designed specifically according to the requirements of the technical specifications of St. Petersburg. USB connectors for charging mobile phones, WI-FI, video cameras, a circular viewing system, and a multimedia system are installed in the trolleybus cabin. In order to prevent ice from freezing in winter, the “Warm floor” system was installed in the trolleybuses.

The particularity of the updated trolleybuses is the “speaking city” system. “Speaking city” is the system of radio information and sound orientation that increases еру city and transport infrastructure accessibility for people with limited mobility. The app in the mobile phone warns the user with the help of a sound signal about the transport approaching a bus stop.

In the new trolleybus are installed windshield wipers that turn on themselves when it rains. An adjustable air suspension seat is developed for the driver comfort. A driver's wakefulness monitoring system is also installed to prevent traffic accidents. If the trolleybus deviates from the certain traffic parameters, the system will indicate it and the trolleybus will stop. The same will happen if the driver wants to talk on the phone – this prohibited while driving.  

Tender on renewal of vehicles has been recently held within the Gorelectrotrans program on renewal of rolling stock and infrastructure of St. Petersburg until 2028. The vehicles renewal program includes procurement of 529 trams and 587 trolleybuses.

Tender on supply of large passenger capacity trolleybuses with increased autonomous run was won by LLC “Autotechkomplekt”, the official dealer of OJSC “HMC “BKM”.

It is planned to complete the delivery of 97 Olgerd series trolleybuses model 32100D in June 2023.

The first impressions of the drivers can be found here: https://www.sb.by/articles/vdol-po-piterskim.html