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Our values

Our mission:
To contribute to the improvement of a modern city image by implementing effective innovative transport solutions, with care for people and the environment.

Production of products under the order
Each project of BKM HOLDING is a unique configuration, fully adapted to the operating conditions to ensure the most comfortable conditions for passengers.
Full production cycle
BKM HOLDING provides a full cycle of production of wheeled and rail transport-from bold technical ideas and preliminary sketches of the body to sea trials of transport.
Trials. Certification
BKM HOLDING vehicles pass all the prescribed tests, the successful completion of which allows them to meet the requirements in the regions where the equipment is sold.
Service Center «Belkommunmash»
Highly qualified service allows us to guarantee the durability of the operation of BKM HOLDING equipment, regardless of the time and distance traveled.


Taras Murog
General Director

Our company has been developing, producing and servicing electric passenger transport for almost half a century: trolleybuses, trams and electric buses. We are ready to apply our competencies to solve the most complex transport tasks.

Partnership with our company – is the key to your confidence in success. Success is guaranteed when a partnership is built on the principles of openness and trust.

Dmitry Parkou
First Deputy General Director for Production
Oleh Bytsko
Deputy General Director
Svetlana Rusak
Deputy General Director for Marketing and Sales
Galina Markova
Assistant General Director
Alexey Rodionov
Acting Deputy General Director for Procurement and Logistics, Head of Distribution Office
Andrej Molchanov
Chief Accountant
Mikhail Symanovich
Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance
Alexander Gutirchik
Deputy General Director for Productions Services and Ideological Work
Alexey Chernyakov
Director of Service and Distribution Center “Belkommunmash”
Anatoly Martsul
Director-Chief Designer of Scientific and Technical Production Center “Belkommunmash”



Opening of the Minsk Tram and Trolleybus Repair Plant, now BKM HOLDING


The release of the first Belarusian trolleybus model 101


Start of production of SYABAR series trolleybuses model 321 and trams model 1M


Creation of a new generation VITOVT trolleybus — model 420


Development of the first semi-low-floor tram model 621


Start of production of SYABAR series trolleybuses with increased autonomous running


Launching into mass production of VITOVT series electric buses based on supercapacitors


Creation of the first right-hand electric bus of the updated VITOVT series for countries with left-hand traffic


Obtaining the first EU certificate for the OLGERD series electric bus model E321


Development of a prototype electric truck VITOVT Truck Electro Prime

geography of supplies
Electric bus
Country: Russia
Vehicles delivered 1241 units
Country: Belarus
Vehicles delivered 2650 units
Country: Kazakhstan
Vehicles delivered 24 units
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Vehicles delivered 36 units
Country: Tajikistan
Vehicles delivered 104 units
Country: Moldova
Vehicles delivered 343 units
Country: Georgia
Vehicles delivered 8 units
Country: Azerbaijan
Vehicles delivered 4 units
Country: Ukraine
Vehicles delivered 294 units
Country: Serbia
Vehicles delivered 115 units
Country: Argentina
Vehicles delivered 1 units
Country: Bulgaria
Vehicles delivered 9 units