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BKM Holding invites to excursions

The leading manufacturer of urban electric vehicles invites you to take a peek into the heart of the company and feel the atmosphere of creating the transport of the future.

Do you want to grow fond of e-transport as much as we do?

Welcome to BKM Holding!

Excursion programme

  1. The history of BKM Holding development from a repair plant in 1973 to the largest manufacturer of electric passenger vehicles in 2021.
  2. Introduction to the main stages of electric vehicle production.
  3. Test drive of an electric bus or hybrid bus.
  4. Visit to the new paint shop.
  5. Quiz and prizes.
  6. Branded souvenirs for the visitors.

During the tour you will learn:

  • how many e-vehicles run in Minsk;
  • how one trolleybus can accommodate kilometers of electric cable;
  • what a supercapacitor is and how batteries are assembled;
  • our production prospects.

How to sign up for excursion

To sign up for excursion, you need to:
1. fill in the application form;
2. send the completed application to our e-mail: tour@belcommunmash.by.

After receiving the application, our specialist will contact you.

Visiting rules

1.     Do not be late!

Please arrive on time for your excursion. The visit program may be shortened.

2.     Observe the safety rules!

Follow the guide, report unforeseen situations immediately.

3.     Take a good mood with you!

Take a good mood with you!

Download the “general rules for visitors” memo.

To contact us

Our address:

Minsk, 64B-2 Perekhodnaya Street (main building on the Radialnaya Street side).

For further information:
Tel: +375 17 311 18 65, fax: +375 17 210 50 55,
E-mail: tour@belcommunmash.by.