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Electric truck

BKM Holding presents its first Vitovt Truck Electro Prime electric truck. The electric truck is presented in the design solution of the Vitovt line of vehicles.

The load capacity is 7800 kg, the maximum speed is 90 km/h, the charging time is about 90 minutes using two CCS Combo 2 charging sockets. The BKM Holding electric truck is equipped with an ADAS Lv1 unmanned control system.

Together with the electric truck, we are ready to offer charging stations with the ability to install in any place convenient for the customer (for example, at loading and unloading points).

Vitovt Truck Electro Prime

The electric truck Vitovt Truck Electro Prime offers maximum driver comfort and equipped with:

  • touch-screen control panel;

  • driver’s seat with heating, lumbar support and 8 different adjustments;

  • Hill Holder assistance system.

At the customer’s request, it is possible to produce a budget version of an electric truck with the replacement of external video cameras with classic rear-view mirrors, air suspension with the spring one, electronic brake system with a simpler type.

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Electric truck
Electric truck
General parameters
  • Length (m) 10,5
  • Max. weght (kg) 28 000
  • Max. speed (km/h) 90
Driver range (km)
before 200