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02/02/2023 12:32:00 pm

Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus and Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region took a test ride in a new tram model T811 manufactured by BKM Holding.

01/13/2023 03:12:00 pm

BKM HOLDING has signed contracts for the supply of 45 trolleybuses for Ekaterinburg and 60 for Krasnodar, as well as 12 fully low-floor trams for Samara and 10 for Barnaul.

12/30/2022 05:00:00 pm

Please accept the most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas and the New Year from the BKM Holding team.

12/27/2022 12:00:00 pm

The new complex combines a charging point for electric vehicles with a new type of stations, a charging post for electric buses, an accumulation system, a dynamic power distribution module and an autonomous shop.

12/03/2022 05:30:00 pm

The first low-floor single-section tram model T811 manufactured by BKM HOLDING was presented.


The exhibition took place in Moscow from 21 to 23 of September.


BKM Holding is independently implementing all stages of electric vehicle production, from development to commissioning, and it values its employees, their efforts and experience invested in this hard work.


Delegation headed by the Governor of Murmansk Oblast Andrey Chibis visited BKM Holding.


It is a trolleybus with an increased autonomous run model 32100D of the OLGERD series.