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In 2016, BKM Holding launched mass production of electric buses based on the VITOVT series, the first models of which were equipped with supercapacitors. They provide a range of up to 20 km with fast charging for 7 minutes at the final stops during the break between bus routes.

Belarus became the first country in the CIS that launch a regular urban route serviced by electric buses. In 2016, BKM Holding signed its first contract for the supply of electric buses, and already in 2017, 20 electric buses model E433 of the VITOVT series entered the routes of Minsk. Today 89 BKM Holding electric buses are already transporting residents of Minsk. They can also be found on the streets of Zhodino and Gomel, and outside Belarus BKM Holding electric buses drive around the cities of Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.