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The OLGERD series is a new improved body design to replace the previous generation of the SYABAR series.

OLGERD trolleybuses are distinguished by a larger area of a low floor in the passenger compartment, which allows passengers to sit more comfortably.

The body of OLGERD trolleybuses consists of separate sections with unified dimensions. All window and door openings are exactly the same, which made it possible to unify the glasses and other structural elements.

Trolleybuses OLGERD

OLGERD trolleybuses can be equipped with an autonomous running system based on modern electric power storage devices. The storage devices are charged while driving under the contact trolleybus network or from the charging station.

It is possible to remove and install current collectors on the contact network automatically from the driver's cab.

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General parameters
  • Length (m) 11,9
  • Passenger Capacity 101
  • Number of seats 26
  • Max. weght (kg) 18 000
  • Electric motor power (kWh) 160