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On May 31,2019, Belkommunmash has completed the electric bus supply under the Minsk contract.

According to the contract between Belkommunmash and State Enterprise “Minsktrans”, Belkommunmash must supply 60 electric buses, there are 28 units of E433 Vitovt Max Electro and 32 units of Е321.

As previously reported, electric bus E321 is a new model.

For the first time E321 was introduced on the passenger routs on March, 2019, in Minsk.

The bus route №1 “Railway Station – Vesnianka” passing from DS Vesnianka to the Railway Station is one of the routes where electric buses will operate. Electric bus route №1 will take visitors of sports events to Minsk-Arena during the European Games from 21 to 30 June 2019. Belkommunmash electric buses will be one of the city’s visiting card.